Photo essay of a circumcision

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Circumcision – The Day When Blood Coagulation Begins

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Photo Essay Of A Circumcision – 195127

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I need to do an essay on circumcision and i have no clue what to write!?

Dec 19,  · A boy cries during circumcision process in Kuala Lumpur December 19, The circumcision also known as Khitaan is part of the sunnah, obligatory on Muslim. Srinagar: A circumcision card of a Pakistani child in Punjab’s Bahawalpur is bursting the netizens with laughter with its programme list that features “taking of trousers” to boy’s “crying and comforting”.

Here is the card: The two-day circumcision programme was scheduled to be conducted in November with the “blessed hands of renowned circumcision doctor [ ]. There is clear scientific evidence that the benefits of circumcision outweigh the risks, a landmark report has declared.

A debate has long raged over the ethics of the procedure - and some men.


Jan 09,  · I'm doing an essay on the Philippines and some people I interviewed talked about circumcision should I include this in my essay? Or is it sorta strange to write about?Status: Resolved.

Photo essay of a circumcision
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